In November 2020, Jacksons Lane Theatre, a creative and cultural hub in north London for 40 years, commenced a major redevelopment of their Grade II-listed building. The building is home to a 166 capacity theatre, large-scale dance and rehearsal studios, a cafe-bar and several multifunctional areas.


Kazbar Systems installed the sound systems and intercoms in Jacksons Lane’s newly refurbished theatre and arts centre building in 2022.

The choice of equipment was high spec, installed expertly and discreetly and at the budget we presented to them. Our front of house area benefitted from two zones for ambience and our studios fully equipped with Bluetooth systems for ease of use and exceptional power. Nothing was too much trouble, any queries or alterations we needed were dealt with immediately on site, and Gavin and his team were communicative, friendly and worked around our building schedule which was changing weekly. We are delighted with the results and highly recommend Kazbar Systems for any building or venue..

–  Adrian Berry –
Artistic Director and Joint CEO

Jacksons Lane Reception Jacksons Lane Studio 3

Theatre Requirements

The Theatre required audio and communications solutions to a range of areas, including; Reception, the Café, the Theatre Foyer and 5 Dance Studios.
Gavin Miller, Kazbar Systems Director and Phil Darke, Systems Architect, met with the Jacksons Lane Theatre Team to discuss their requirements, working closely with the Technical Team and Engineers to design a system that provides performers with outstanding vocal intelligibility, stunning full range music playback and ease of use.

Below photos shows: Cable Run, Stage and TecPro Speaker Controller:

Jacksons Lane Cable Run  Jacksons Lane Stage   Jacksons Lane Wallbox

Sound System

Speakers and amplifiers from Bose and Audac were discretely installed in all Studios, some at height, giving an impressive sound experience through optimal dispersion, with mixers from Rane and Mackie providing control of all audio signals the performances require.

Below photos shows: the work in progress for the dance studio 1 and photo 4. shows the completion of studio 3:

Sound Installation Studios Commercial Sound Installation for Dance Studios Jacksons Lane Wallbox 2

Jacksons Lane Studio 3


Jacksons Lane Background Sound System

Background audio is delivered throughout the Reception, Café and Theatre Foyer creating a welcoming environment for visitors.

Below photos shows: Jacksons Lane Reception, Theatre Foyer and Café:

Jacksons Lane Reception  Jacksons Lane Mezzanine

Jacksons Lane cafe  Jacksons Lane Cafe 2

The TecPro system provides communication and paging facilities from the Reception and Theatre Control Room to all Dressing Rooms. In addition, the Tecpro system allows full ‘duplex’ conversation to take place, enabling efficient and easy contact between all parties.


The Studio sound systems, distributed audio system and intuitive, user-friendly communications solution helps to create a welcoming environment for those visiting the Theatre. Moreover, it offers Staff, Artists and Engineers an extremely high-quality sonic experience.

Below photos shows the completion of Dance Studio 1:

Jacksons Lane Studio  Commercial Audio Installation for Jacksons Lane Dance Studio

The Kazbar Commercial Audio Team completed the audio installation quickly and efficiently, with the end result exceeding the Clients expectations.

Jacksons Lane Theatre Opening Night


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