Kazbar Systems – Europe’s premier source for pro audio equipment, studio design & build services, acoustics consultancy

Kazbar Systems is a leading recording studio design, construction, pro audio UK supplier, installation and integration company. Our head office is located 10 miles north of Bedford. Our highly experienced team has decades of combined industry experience, with a proven track record for delivering high-end studio solutions tailored to client requirements and budgets.

We pride ourselves on overcoming the many challenges of studio design and construction, providing the best technical advice and value for money for all of our clients. We draw upon our many years of experience to provide solutions where others cannot. Kazbar Systems studio design team can provide detailed designs for small writing or production studios through to large multi-room facilities.

We have significant experience in providing design and construction solutions that overcome the constraints of many structural related issues, enabling our clients to make the best use of the available space whilst maintaining acoustic accuracy and high levels of isolation.

If you are giving thought to a simple acoustic upgrade or full design and build, podcasting studio or a Dolby Atmos facility, please contact us.

Furthermore, Kazbar Systems are proud Main UK Dealers for an extensive range of professional audio equipment brands.
We offer unbiased opinions based on our client’s requirements –  from a single product to comprehensive pro audio packages, we can tailor the best pro audio equipment solution for you.


Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Equipment

pro audio equipment

When it comes to planning the equipment for your studio we offer completely transparent, unbiased advice when helping you to decide the needs of your recording setup. From mixing consoles to monitor speakers,  outboard to microphones, recording software to audio interfaces;  we will help you pick the best quality options to get the most productive and best sounding results for your budget. We also provide full training for you and your team.

Kazbar Systems Studio Design and Build

studio design & build

Our highly experienced build team includes; acousticians, builders, carpenters, electricians, project managers, heating, ventilation and AC specialists and electronics engineers.  Engaging Kazbar Systems ensures the studio build meets the exacting standards  required for professional sonic environments. We can provide full architectural and acoustic designs that can be constructed by your own  build team or by the Kazbar build team.  

Acoustic Consultancy and Noise Assessment

acoustics consultancy

Accurate acoustic analysis of the sonic environment is critical to understand the issues that require attention. Kazbar Systems can undertake the acoustic analysis of your premises, providing written reports and specifications of our proposed solutions. Our acoustic team can visit your premises to conduct a noise assessment  and provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the test results and areas that may require improvement.