Kazbar Systems has just completed the studio upgrade and acoustics for award-winning media composer Wag Marshall-Page, who is known for his work with Banks and Wag on titles such as Head Hunters, X-Factor and Dead Ringers amongst many others.

The Recording Studio Upgrade

Wag’s studio is situated within a pitched roof loft conversion, this was a challenging room to work with due to the roof angles limiting the size of the studio.
Our goal was to get the room acoustically accurate whilst preserving the functionality and size of the work environment.

The solution was a number of discreet, bespoke wall and ceiling absorbers and a bass trap, customised specifically for this room and in the colour of the clients wish.
The acoustics were designed and installed by the Kazbar Systems Acoustic Team.

Audio Equipment Upgrade:

In addition to room treatment, Wag needed a complete equipment upgrade and we supplied him with:

All equipment and cabling were supplied and installed by the Kazbar Systems.


“I do a lot of mixing for broadcast in my studio, and though it was never a big and boomy room, I was keen to tighten up the sound for a finer focus on detail. Gavin & Dave sized the studio up for some wall and ceiling mounted absorbers as well as a broadband bass trap. This treatment, with the addition of a new Eve sub to partner the Focal monitors, achieves a more highly defined, well represented bandwidth to work with. With less ambiguity, especially in the lower end, I’m noticing mixes coming together more punctually, with a lot less fatigue on the ears. What sets Gavin and Kazbar aside from the competition, apart from their consistently great prices, is the Grade A pre-sales advice and after-sales support. Definitely worthy of a place on your speed-dial.”
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Wag Marshall-Page
– McFly, The Wanted, Sugarbabes and Sophie Ellis-Bextor amongst many others –