What a fantastic service Kazbar provided given the short amount of time available to install the studio. They rose to the challenge and had it ‘up and running’ in unbelievable time. The continued support has been second to none, well done Kazbar, you guys rock!!

James Reynolds

Mix Engineer and Producer – Calvin Harris, Paloma Faith, Public Symphony, Sigrid, BT
Voxpod Studios


In September 2020 the Kazbar Team were asked to design and construct the Voxpod Podcasting Studio for long term Kazbar Client – James Reynolds. James Reynolds is a highly respected mix engineer whose credits include Tinchy Stryder, Paloma Faith and Calvin Harris.


Voxpod Podcasting Studio – The Design and Construction

James Reynolds contacted Dave Eccleston, Kazbar Systems Technical Manager, to help bring his idea for Voxpod Studios into reality. Conceptual renders were created, incorporating all of James’ preferred finishes, fixtures and furniture allowing for quick and easy review and development by James and his colleagues.

Voxpod Studios Concept Render


Voxpod Concept Render with Red Furniture




Initial acoustic analysis was undertaken to establish the current RT (reverb time) and to quantify what acoustic treatments would be required to achieve a RT of sub 0.4 seconds. Bespoke HF/MF absorbers and bass traps were designed and installed to achieve the target RTs.

Voxpod Podcast Studio Bespoke Acoustics

Kazbar Systems Voxpod Studios Construction

Kazbar Systems developed all aspects of the project including; conceptual layouts and renders, construction drawings, acoustic treatments design and specifications, cabling and AV solutions. Custom connection plates were installed to the bespoke table and seating to facilitate mic/line connections, headphones, video and data. A KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) solution was also designed to allow the session to be operated from either the main Control Room or the Live Room.

The Studio was designed to provide a sleek aesthetic, incorporating walnut timber and custom seating and furniture. LED lighting was installed above the ceiling absorber to provide for elegant mood lighting.

The Studio allows for up to 8 content creators to not only record audio based podcasts, but to stream audio, video and data to anywhere in the world. Headphone and mic level control can either be managed by the engineer in the Control Room or by the content creators in the Live Room by iPad.

Control Room with Bespoke Desk and Acoustics

Voxpod Studio Control Room Bespoke Studio Furniture

Kazbar Systems Voxpod Studios Control Room Complete


Live Room Features

A large 60” 4K display was installed to allow for remote video dial-in and to facilitate audio to picture recordings for ADR etc. A small display was installed behind the seating to display company branding etc. Both displays are interconnected to the Control Room for flexible video routing.
A number of video camera were installed so that video can be streamed to and from the Studio and other session participants.

Voxpod Podcast Studio

A bespoke acoustic door was installed to the corridor area to increase the isolation performance and to provide a greater degree of privacy for Clients.


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