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Client Requirement:

Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio was engaged to consult and improve the acoustics of the Universal Music Publishing’s Boardroom, as well as supplying and installing a complete sound system specified to deliver a full and coherent sound throughout the space.
In addition, we reprogrammed the previously installed AV and AMX Sound System.

Universal Music Publishing Acoustic Installation

For the listeners to have an accurate and enjoyable sonic experience, you need to plan the acoustic layout for the room, choose suitable materials and make sure to have an accurate and even dispersal of sound throughout the listening space.
To achieve good acoustic accuracy and performance in a room, it is important to use specialised acoustic materials during the construction and for the additional treatment, plus correct use of speakers and speaker positioning.
Due to the materials used on the walls in the original design and construction, the acoustic performance of the boardroom at Universal Fulham was quite poor.


Universal Music Publishing Boardroom


Universal was currently using a sound system that was causing further sound issues due to harsh reflective surfaces, we remedied these issues by proposing an alternative speaker solution and acoustic treatment. After testing various speakers within in the respective room and the new
speaker system was agreed, we rebuilt the forward enclosure which faced the boardroom table.
This was used to house the speakers properly, in addition we treated the areas around the speakers with acoustically absorbent materials to help focus the sound and improve the dispersion.
The original ceiling panels were reflecting sound rather than absorbing it, so instead, we built a custom ceiling cloud fitted with absorbing materials and integrated lights to help acoustically improve the room.


Universal Music Publishing Speaker Solution

Before we proposed an alternative, Universal were using a quadraphonic B&W passive speaker system. This was originally installed so the sound would be evenly distributed around the office for all board members to get an even sound reception.
The current system was not suitable for this particular acoustic environment, working against the room rather than sonically complimenting it.
The current speaker positioning, size and performance was also causing problems in terms of listening experience.

To find the best possible solution, we commissioned extensive trials and testing within the boardroom. By using the original AV enclosure and focusing the positioning of the test speakers,
facing them down the boardroom, having two of the original B&W speaker placements as a reference, we could get the required audio response from the speakers to find a better listening position.
This helped solving the sound reflection issue and still allowed for all board members to get the required listening experience.

The speakers which were chosen due to their sound performance, all-round accuracy and delivery were the Genelec 1037A’s.
They provided an excellent sound performance of all frequencies in the boardroom, in addition we rebuilt the AV enclosure to house them, this allowed the speakers to be raised slightly and we also
treated the enclosure with acoustic materials to optimise the sound delivery into the boardroom.


Universal Music Publishing Boardroom close-up of main wall.


Visual & Communications

Part of the original installation was an AMX preamp and control system which could interface to the Boardroom telephone system.
From there you could choose the source of what could be watched on the large LCD TV Display, listen from CD’s, MP3’s or choose a Skype call which then engaged the central digital camera.

Universal Music Publishing AV solution


We created a space within the AV enclosure directly in front of the boardroom table, with the correct height so everyone sitting around the table could be seen.
The AMX System also had to be reprogrammed to make the user interface more user-friendly for that functions were quicker to access