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Client Requirement:

Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio was contacted by Sony ATV Music Publishing to demonstrate & provide suitable and accurate speaker systems to A&R offices and also specify and install Bose Freespace System into open plan office.
In addition Kazbar specified, provided and installed custom cabling for the complete set-up.


Speakers for Sony ATV Music Publishing

Sony ATV Music Publishing are the World’s No.1 Music Publisher, they were recommended to Kazbar Systems to facilitate the speaker installation of their boardroom.
The speakers needed to be positioned with precision at the correct height, and deliver an equal and accurate sound dispersion throughout the room.
Sony ATV chose the Focal Twin 6BE Active Monitor Speakers along with a Focal CMS Sub due to the clarity of the sound plus the performance of the speakers within the boardroom


Close up of Focal Twin 6BE


Sound Control

Sony ATV required the sound system to be installed discreetly allowing for simple control of the volume without having to move around the office during key decisions whilst playback.
For this we chose a TC Electronics Level Pilot volume control pot which can be simply placed on the boardroom table allowing immediate access to the sound level of the speaker system.


SPL MTC Monitor Control Box


We also chose an SPL MTC Monitor Control Box which allows for multiple sources to be connected such as CD Player, MP3 Player etc which then outputs to the speakers.
In addition to equipment we supplied and installed custom cabling for the complete set-up.

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