Kazbar Systems were contacted by Paddington Works Studio Manager, Henry Dymott, to assist with the acoustics, cabling and equipment specification for a new podcasting and dialogue recording studio in Paddington, London.


“A true ‘end-to-end’ studio build company that I trust wholeheartedly. With all my crazy ideas; I wasn’t the easiest of customers – but the whole team of Kazbar delivered. Our podcast studio sounds even better than it looks and Dave’s patchbay design makes working across multiple spaces a breeze! I can’t recommend them enough.”

 Henry Dymott, Production Manager & Studio Engineer at Paddington Works Production


Henry Dymott Paddington Works Production Manager



Site visit and preliminary works

The Kazbar Team visited the premises to meet with stakeholders and gather further information in regards to the room dimensions, existing acoustic performance and potential cable runs. A proposal package was then produced, outlining our recommendations and specifications. This was approved by Henry and the Paddington Works stakeholders and a programme of works was created by Kazbar Systems and agreed by all parties.

Paddington CR 2

Acoustic Specification and Equipment

Bespoke acoustic treatments were specified, manufactured and installed by the Kazbar Team. Audio, video and data connectivity was installed between three independent areas, one Control Room and two Performance Rooms. A custom audio patchbay was designed and integrated into the studio to localise inputs and outputs of the recording areas and the outboard processors: Heritage Audio HA-609A, Kahayan 12K72 Stereo Preamp, Focusrite Octopre.
The Digital Audio Workstation systems comprised of a Mac Mini, Universal Audio Apollo 16 audio interface, Yamaha HS5 active monitor speakers, Shure SM7B large diaphragm dynamic microphones, PreSonus Monitor Station V2 monitor controller, ART HeadAmp Pro headphone amplifier and a PreSonus Fader port to provide tactile control over DAW faders.





The Kazbar Team began by running and containing cables between Live and Control Room areas, followed by installing the Kazbar bespoke acoustic treatments. To finalise the installation, the Kazbar technical team set up and preconfigured the DAW system and audio equipment.
All cabling was tested and training was provided to Paddington Works team in the use of the DAW system. The installation was completed quickly and efficiently, allowing the Studio to open its doors in record time!


Paddington Works Control Room

Paddington Works has since completion been very busy recording and mixing a wide range of dialogue and music projects, and has been long listed by Dezeen Awards in the “Large Workspace Interior” category.


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