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Client Requirement: 

Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio was contacted by Maggie & Rose Family Members Club to supply their Chiswick location with a multi zoned audio background system across four floors with a Personal Address feature.


Maggie & Rose Kensington location


Maggie & Rose Family Members Club

Maggie & Rose Family Members Club is a global family community with club houses located in London, Hong Kong and Mainland China. They opened their first nursery in Kensington in 2007,
and in 2013 they opened the doors of their Chiswick club for the first time, bringing family entertainment, cafe’s, arts, cinema, music and a roof terrace all into one huge 12,500 sq ft space.

Sean Bolger contacted Kazbar Systems during the design process of the club to discuss the background music solution where each of the six zones
could be individually controlled; the zones included the Reception, Stairwell, First Floor, Outside Play Area, Second Floor and Roof Terrace. All zones are connected to a central Cloud Z8 Mixer system
which controls the individual volumes for each area.


Maggie & Rose Banner internal building photos



Due to the open nature of the first-floor ceiling where piping and ducting are part of the design architecture, a speaker solution which offers a decent full sound as
well as discretion was an import factor in speaker placement, the Ecler 106 was chosen for the first floor but also used in the outside play area and stairwell.

For the second floor, there is a plasterboard ceiling so the Ecler IC5 Celing Speaker was chosen again for their full range sound.
Also fed into the Cloud is a Sennheiser Radio Mic System for entertainment use such as quiz nights etc and the reception announcement microphone.


Maggie and Rose Ecler 106 Maggie & Rose second floor


Maggie & Rose Family Members Club Roof Terrace

Although the roof terrace is connected to the central Cloud Z8 Audio Mixer Controller for background music and PA announcements,
the roof terrace is individually amplified connected to Bose DS40SE’s for an even audio dispersion. The roof terrace is also used for summer film screenings too.
In the outside play area is the Maggie & Rose Bus which is used for arts & crafts in addition to parties. Naturally it required an audio playback system
with a bit of a punch so we installed a wall mounted Ecler Speaker System with lighting too.

Maggie and Rose Roof Terrace KensingtonMaggie and Rose Bus


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