“Working with Manny and Kazbar Systems was an excellent experience for us at Tileyard.
Having worked with the Esoteric Pro Audio system at many Tileyard events, ranging from DJ nights to full band record label showcases, where the best sound performance was an absolute necessity,
we could not wait to incorporate the Duo/Trio system into our upgraded Gallery space. 
The final results have been exceptional, the system sounds and looks incredible delivering excellent sound performance.”

Dan Rainey, Head of Events, Tileyard


Kazbar Systems recently completed the full installation of an Esoteric Pro Audio (EPA) Duo/Trio system for the newly refurbished Gallery live venue. The Gallery is situated within the Tileyard London media complex at busy Kings Cross.


We have worked closely with Emanuele Giovagnoli, popularly known as Manny, world-touring sound engineer for Jethro Tull.
Together we tailored an audio design for Tileyard that would ensure the best possible audio performance and dispersion for the Gallery.
Before the refurbishment, the room material of the Gallery was largely a concrete shell. As part of the refurbishment, an acoustic upgrade was included to control sound reflections and improve the audio experience. A stage was also constructed at the rear of the Gallery for live performance events.


Esoteric Pro Audio Specifications

Once the refurbishment works were completed, our team installed the Esoteric Pro Audio Duo/Trio System.
The EPA live systems are scalable, which makes them a very flexible and solid solution. The design included a combined EPA Duo and Trio system, consisting of four Flauto top speakers, two suspended from the ceiling on each side of the venue, and two Corno active Subs installed under the stage.

The EPA live sound systems are very well known for their clarity, transparency and true timbre.
The result of this setup in a nicely treated location such as the Gallery, is an excellent full-range balanced sound, ensuring a brilliant experience for both listeners and performers.


Band Tileyard Gallery


This live sound system features AES-EBU inputs instead of analogue, allowing greater versatility when mixing live music events. By using this solution, you get one less conversion from analogue to digital. The main L & R FoH outputs stays digital all the way into the DSP of the PA. As a result, you achieve a greater dynamic range and precision.


“I was already impressed by EPA. For the last couple of years, I have been using the standard analogue inputs on the EPA amps; now with the new EPA plates developed by the engineers in Verona, Italy, featuring AES-EBU digital input, there has been a massive upgrade on the sound delivery.
By using the digital inputs, there has been a huge improvement in the depth of the full frequency spectrum, you get more controlled dynamics on every channel and on the main L & R output. This is a truly great feature, and as live mixing engineer, it really gives me the chance to shape the sound as I need to”. 

Manny Giovagnoli, Sound Engineer for Jethro Tull



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