Kazbar Systems provides complete acoustic treatment solution for Quays Production and Podcasting studio in Greenwich, London.


Client Requirements:

In October 2020 Joseph from Quays Studios commissioned Kazbar Systems to provide a complete acoustic treatment solution for his new studio.
The Studio measures 6.4 m long x 3.2 m wide, with a ceiling height of circa 2.4m.
The client required an aesthetically timeless and vibrant design, whilst maintaining all the acoustic properties that are necessary for high quality podcast and music production.


Acoustic Solution for Production & Podcasting Studio

Dave Eccleston, Kazbar Systems Technical Manager, assisted with specification of bespoke high, mid and low frequency absorbers to reduce the RT (reverb time) of the Studio to approximately 0.4 seconds. The treatments achieved a uniform decay time across the frequency range, providing Joseph with an accurate environment for writing and production.

Each of the absorbers were wrapped in Joseph’s preferred colour of fabric and were mounted to the walls and ceilings using split battens, providing an invisible mounting solution.

A large serge drape was installed to reduce unwanted sonic reflections from the entrance door.



Pro Audio Equipment and Studio Furniture

Quays studios Equipment by Kazbar systems

As part of our full package of services we also provided all cabling and studio equipment which included:

In the heart of the control room we placed a Zaor Miza 88XL in a Wengé Grey finish.
This is desk is spacious enough for most master keyboards and it offers three 4U rack bays for easily organising your equipment.

It has a larger surface area in both width and depth, making room for controllers and other desktop accessories. The top shelf has a good width that is perfectly suited to support nearfield monitors, computer screens and accessories. This desk allows for an efficient equipment layout so you can have a smooth workflow.