Kazbar Systems recently completed an acoustic design solution for a room conversion into a home writing and production studio.

“I really wasn’t sure if I could achieve what I was hoping for in my new writing and productions studio,
so I made a call to Kazbar to see if they could help. I had a really helpful conversation with Dave, who visited my studio to evaluate what was achievable.
He made a series of recommendations and gave me the confidence that I would get the outcome that I wanted. Dave then produced an acoustic and aesthetic design, including all of the colours and finishes that I was looking for with the acoustic treatments. Once I had approved the design, it wasn’t long before Dave and Gavin and the Kazbar Team had me up and running. The room looks great, but more importantly; it sounds amazing!
Dave and Gavin also kindly helped me setup my new speakers which they supplied, along with my speaker stands, desk and cabling.
I’m so pleased with the new studio – thanks guys!”


Client Acoustic Design Requirements

Room before acoustic design and install

The Client contacted Kazbar Systems looking for an acoustic solution, technical furniture and new monitor speakers to transform a room within his property into a writing and production studio.

Kazbar Systems’ Technical Manager; Dave Eccleston, visited the premises to discuss the technical requirements, aesthetics and to gather all the necessary information to provide the best possible solution for the space and budget.


Acoustic Design for Absorbers and Bass Traps

Private recording studio in Heartfordshire post acoustic install with furniture and equipment

Once the specifications had been agreed Kazbar systems designed and manufactured a range of bass traps, high and mid frequency ceiling and wall absorbers in the clients preferred colour. The bass absorbers were wrapped in a deep purple colour, with a contrasting lighter grey fabric for the wall absorbers. An acoustic drape was installed to reduce sonic reflections from the window.


Studio Monitors and Pro Audio Equipment

Private Studio with Focal Trio11 Be, Zaor Croce 42 and Zaor Miza Z Flex

Kazbar supplied a pair of versatile Focal Trio11 Be with IsoAcoustics ISO-Pucks. These speakers are extremely precise with excellent sound reproduction, stereo imaging and bass response. Furthermore, the adjustable central section enables the Trio11 Be’s to be used both vertically and horizontally.

A Universal Audio Twin X Quad was supplied to provide additional I/O along with a Furman M-10XE Power Conditioner.



Zaor Recording Studio Furniture Miza Z Flex with Croce 42 Speaker StandsRecording Studio Furniture

The Client opted for the modular Zaor Miza Z Flex desk in Grey Wengé.
This desk features a dual-rail, height adjustable keyboard pull-out tray which can carry up to 40kg. Furthermore, this desk has the largest surface area of the Miza range and excellent cable management.

It is a flexible, modern desk that can be customise to specific needs. Additional rack space can be incorporated with the Miza table Griprack or by adding Miza floor racks.
To compliment the new set-up, the Client added a pair of Zaor Croce 42 speaker stands in grey and black for the Focal Trio 11BE studio monitors.








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