Kazbar Systems completes the installation of the new 7 Wallace Studio, London, UK.
The Kazbar Team worked closely with engineer and producer Harry Love on all aspects project.


7 Wallace’s Writing and Production Studio Installation

Situated on the first floor of an unassuming commercial building in North London, the 7 Wallace Studio was designed to be a well-equipped recording and production studio catering for a wide range of artists and producers to develop and fulfil their creative potential. The Studio features a vibey Control Room and adjoining Vocal Booth, a small outdoor terrace garden and a larger Live Area on the ground floor.

7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment 7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment

The Recording System

The recording system is based around a Mac Pro running an Avid HDX system combined with the Avid HD 16×16 audio interface. The Mac Pro provides substantial horsepower for running native plugins with the Avid HDX card working alongside the native CPU to host AAX DSP plugins and audio tracks. The Avid HDX system was chosen due to the near zero latency monitoring, transparency of the converters and the advanced toolset and workflows used by audio professional throughout the world.

A Universal Audio Apollo Twin was supplied and configured by the Kazbar Team to allow for additional FX processors to be used in conjunction with the main recording system and as a secondary mobile recording system allowing sessions to synchronised or interchanged with ease.

7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment 7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment

The Outboard Equipment

The outboard processors are a key feature of the studio; an API 500VPR 10 Slot Lunchbox loaded with API 550A EQ’s, API 512C Pre amps, SSL XR611 Dynamics and Phoenix Audio DRS-1R Pre amps. Other preamps include a BAE 1073MPF Stereo Matched Pair and a Thermionic Culture HG15 Voice Channel. For additional dynamics, Harry chose a pair of Warm Audio WA76 Discreet Compressors, a pair of Warm Audio EQP-WA Pultec EQ’s and an Empirical Labs EL8XS Distressor Stereo Set.

7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment 7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment

The outboard was selected to combine some of the best of the analogue and digital domains and to accommodate essentially any instrument in the Studio to be recorded and mixed to the highest quality.

7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment 7 Wallace Pro Audio Equipment

The design, installation and commissioning of the audio, video and data cabling was undertaken by the Kazbar Team, interconnecting the Control Room, Vocal Booth and Live Room. All cabling terminated in bantam patchbays and several bespoke connection plates.
A KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) system was installed to the Live Room allowing for convenient remote control of the DAW system located on the floor above.