The Warm Audio WA12 and WA12-500 Pre Amps have been updated to MK II models

Warm audio have now upgraded their highly popular WA12WA12-500 Series preamp. Now provided with output attenuation and metering.  Another added feature, the OP-AMP is now socketed for hot swapping other OP-AMPS

Warm audio WA12mkII & WA12mkII-500 Series  now available.


The Warm Audio WA-412 4 Channel Mic Pre/DI

Another welcome addition to the Warm Audio stable of products is the WA-412 4 Channel Mic Pre/DI. Featuring four channels of high quality and classic sounding Preamps feeding off two custom wound Altran transformers, the WA-412 offers excellent sound and facilities at a highly affordable price.

Warm Audio WA-87 Condenser Microphone

The WA-87 heralds Warm Audio’s entry into the classic sounding Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone market. Based upon the classic design of earlier Condenser Microphones, the WA-87 features all discrete, premium components such as Fairchild FETs, tantalum, polystyrene, and WIMA film capacitors, and is rounded off with a Cinemag USA output transformer. 

Another feature unique to the WA-87 is the use of their own Lens Kondensator custom reproduction of the classic K-87 dual backplate/dual diaphragm capsule, as found in early ‘87 mics.

The WA-87 offers the warm sound Warm Audio has become respected for and excellent value for money too.

Unit includes: Shockmount, Hard Mount and Wooden Box.