Waldorf 2-Pole Analogue Filter

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The Waldorf 2-Pole Analogue Filter is a powerful and flexible audio filter than can be used to effect multiple audio sources.

At its basic core it is a discrete fully analogue multi-mode filter, it is operable in low-pass, band-pass and high-pass modes, it also features a pre-filter rectifier, resonance control, envelope mod amount control and a powerful distortion circuit. The filter is fully resonant and is able to self-oscillate.

The filter can be modulated by the onboard envelope generator, the EG features a threshold control that picks up the peaks of the incoming audio and only effects what passes through the thresholds gate, it also features attack and decay controls, hold time and three modes. The filter can also be modulated by the onboard LFO which features speed and depth controls with slow, fast and Gemutlich mode which is effectively a super slow LFO mode.

The Waldorf 2 Pole is a must for those who crave an analogue flavour in there studio or live setup, the filters ability to self oscillate and the extremely fast LFO create some unique effects that add a great tone to otherwise lifeless loops or sounds.

The Main Features of The Waldorf 2-Pole Analogue Filter Include:

  • Discrete multi-mode analogue filter
  • CV gate trigger input
  • Operable in high-pass, low-pass and band-pass modes
  • Able to self oscillate
  • Flexible modulation possibilities

Written by Tom Lewis

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Waldorf 2-Pole Analogue Filter

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