We stopped by Soho Radio to meet up with studio manager Adrian Meehan to take at look at their most excellent basement recording studio.

Soho Radio is a true throwback to vintage ‘Golden Era’ 60’s Soho where music fans would hang outside of cafe’s and bars while listening to live music. You can walk into the Soho Radio cafe off the street, order a coffee while through the window, a live DJ will be playing music and broadcasting live!!


But there is more, in the basement is an excellent studio with a vintage Calrec Mixing Console at the heart of it. Adrain kindly me played a couple of recent projects they had recorded all tracked through the Calrec including live drums and not even at the final mix stage, the tracks sounded amazing. 

This is why a classic mixing console will hold it’s value and will always bring so much to the recording when you can simply track drums through it and with minimum effort, the recording sounds like it has been mixed straight away.. 

Also in the studio is a host of outboard and synths too including a Roland Juno 6


Thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Soho Radio, we are looking forward to assisting the studio with any future studio equipment additions they may require!