Kazbar Systems has just completed the latest upgrade to the Universal Music Publishing Studio 1 at the their Fulham HQ. 

The studio has evolved over the past 5 years from a mainly writing studio into now a very much full production facility.

Originally based around a simple Digidesign 003 Audio Interface wired through to a vocal booth, it was decided after that the studio should be expanded to make use of all available adjacent rooms to allow for recording drums and larger vocal groups.

A large modification ensued to soundproof the various rooms and install acoustic treatment too which resulted in a facility with three rooms available to be used simultaneously for recording all wired to patchbay.

The latest outboard to be added was an additional two Neve 1073 500 Series mic preamps to compliment the two already in the API 500VPR 10-Slot Lunchbox. Studio Manager Rick Baxendale loves the versatility and sound of the Neve 1073 and adding two more expands the recording applications further.

Other additions in this upgrade were a Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15 bringing a nice blend of harmonic distortion to the mix and an Avid HDIO 16×16 to expand the connectivity of the studio and also connect the Bricasti M7 Reverb digitally direct to the Pro Tools HD Native System.

The Drum Booth has an excellent array of mics, added to the choices was a stereo matched pair of Neumann KM184‘s for overheads.

Although the studio is excellently equipped for tracking and mixing, it also perfectly equipped for writing too having a huge sound library of soft synths and sounds. Added in the upgrade was a Roland JD-XA analogue synthesizer which blends analogue sound with digital access seamlessly.

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales

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