Universal Music Production Speaker Installation from Kazbar Systems

Kristian Pilling, Senior Producer from Universal Music Production contacted Kazbar Systems to recommend an upgrade to the speakers used in their listening room plus production offices.

After a site visit and discussion, plus recommendation from one of the in-house engineers, Kris decided to arrange a demonstration for the Focal Solo 6BE‘s. While Kris was trialling the Solo 6‘s we also recommended he trialled the IsoAcoustic L8R200 isolating speaker stands due to their incredible performance with isolating and absorbing resonating bass frequencies.

Universal Music Production Focal Speakers from Kazbar Systems

At the end of the trial, Universal Music decided on Focal Solo 6BE‘s for their offices and listening room along with Argosy 360i Speaker Stands (which include the IsoAcoustic L8R200‘s) then four additional pairs of L8R200’s for their offices along with an SPL 2 Control Speaker Controller.

Kristian continues:

put with the help from Kazbar Systems, we now hear far more detail and depth in mixes
than ever before. 

The service Kazbar provided was superb throughout, from demoing the speakers to
providing 3 sets of speakers without a hint of a problem”

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