Universal Audio available from Kazbar Systems

Universal Audio have announced their first venture into the audio interface market with the Apollo.

Universal Audio Apollo available from Kazbar Systems

An extremely high-end fully-fledged 18-in/24-out 24-bit 192kHz FireWire 800 Audio Interface, available in two models: containing the internal DSP power of either a UAD Duo or UAD Quad, with the unique ability to place UAD plug-ins on live incoming audio, hearing the results in real time (2ms latency).

Additionally, a Thunderbolt expansion card will give Apollo full support for the Thunderbolt platform.

Administered by included Control Room software (and DAW controller plugin), Apollo is ready to be the heart and soul of the studio, from recording to mixing, and with an audio fidelity beyond anything at the price range (and possibly higher).

Apollo features tested audio fidelity specifications that rival the some of finest interfaces on the market, at an arguably more competitive price. It has excellent connectivity, and includes four high-quality clean mic preamps with front panel controls.

It is the only audio interface on the market with a Duo or Quad UAD processor inside, and is able to process live incoming audio in real time (2ms latency). It also functions exactly as a UAD Satellite does for mix purposes, and will still function (without control) when not connected to a computer.

Universal Audio UAD2 available from Kazbar Systems

It is future-proofed, thanks to a Thunderbolt Expansion Card giving reduced buffer sizes, lower latency, bigger UAD instance counts, and effectively turns the Apollo into a Thunderbolt FW hub.

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