Universal Acoustics Room Correction Kits available from Kazbar Systems

Now available is all the new Deep Bass series from Universal Acoustics.

Universal Acoustics Bass Traps and thick ribbed Wedges have become an industry standard and a ‘go to’ option over the past few years, but to address more profound bass problems, in difficult rooms, Universal Acoustics have introduced the new Deep Bass series of Traps, Wedges and Corner Cubes.

Universal Acoustics Corner Traps available from Kazbar Systems

The Deep Bass Series are designed to provide effective and affordable acoustic absorption and reverberation control within most types of rooms and spaces.

Universal Acoustics Deep Bass Systems available from Kazbar Systems

Examples include Project Studios, Post Production Facilities, Home Theatres, Home Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, Boardrooms, Language Labs and Reception Areas and any other room / environment which could require Acoustic Treatment.

The new Bass Traps include: Mercury Wedge Deep BassMercury Bass Trap Deep BassComet Corner Cube, Mercury Corner Cluster Kit 1, Mercury Corner Cluster Kit 2 and Saturn BASOTECT Absorption Tiles in both 50 & 100mm thickness.

Universal Acoustics Comet Corner Cube available from Kazbar Systems

Universal Acoustics are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and adhere to UL94HF1 Fire specification.

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