Tonelux available from Kazbar Systems

From the mind of Paul Wolff comes the Model 1628, the first Discrete plug and play console for the Tonelux product line. Paul’s legacy of designing all-discrete large-format analog consoles, many unique designs and scores of hand built consoles residing in some of the most important studios in the world, speaks for itself.

Tonelux available from Kazbar Systems

The successes of the past and present are all wrapped into a package inclusive of features that are simply unavailable anywhere else, i.e a fully-remotable TT patch-bay (included) AND optional ShadowMix, an elegant solution for moving fader automation. Simple and affordable upgrades with Tonelux‘ plug and play 8 or 16 channel expander consoles make the 1628 the one to own.

• 16) MX2 Mix Modules

  • 16) EQ4P Equalizers
  • 16) TR8 Bus Assign Modules
  • 16) MP1a Mic Preamps with TILT
  • 4) FX2+ Send Master/FX Returns
  • 1) SM2 Stereo Master Module
  • 1) CR2 Control Room Module
  • 1) TB1 TalkBack Module
  • Tonelux available from:

    Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales

    • 16) P&G Custom Manual Faders

  • 16) VU Meters in a Removable Bridge
  • 2) Stereo VU Meters
  • Custom Designed Wood Sides/Top
  • Complete TT Patch-bay/Dsub I/O Panel
  • Earth-friendly bamboo wood sides are standard
  • Leather Bolster
  • Optional ShadowMix Automation