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Client Requirement:

Kazbar Systems Commercial Audio was contacted by The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill  to specify and install the outside terrace sound system for the new Barbecue and Bar Area, with focus on sound dispersion and enhancing the atmosphere.


Outside Terrace

Restaunt Bar & Grill Tunbridge Wells expansion plans included converting their outside dining and relaxing are into a new 120 seat BBQ, Bar and Live Music entertainment area with a retractable roof.
Kazbar Systems was commissioned to provide the specification and installation of a sound system suitable for DJ use, live music entertainment and background music.
Not only did the system need to provide a pleasant sound with excellent sound dispersion taking into account proximity to seating and aesthetics, it also needed to withstand the elements and the changing weather conditions.



The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill outside area



Speaker placement was key to allow for an equal sound delivery to all dining and bar areas. It was important to specify a weather resistant system, with a sound which would enhance the atmosphere and not conflict with conversation.
We decided on Bose DS40SE’s positioned in key places from the dining areas to the Bar and communal space around the DJ Booth. Also included were four sub bass units, hidden away, providing a warm and full sound for both lower and higher volumes, depending on the occasion.



The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill indoors and outdoors dining area.



The Tunbridge Wells Bar and Grill Installation

The sound installation for the Outside Terrace had to be integrated and connected to the existing internal restaurant Cloud Zone system. The Outside Terrace has its own feeds for both the Bose DS40SE’s and the Sub Bass units from the Cloud Mixer feeding to its dedicated amplification.
The DJ area has its own dedicated input to the sound system which allows for the Restaurant to feed into the music being played from the Outside Terrace,
be it DJ or live acoustic music. The outside DJ Booth also has its own volume control so that sound volume can be adjusted accordingly depending on the event or atmosphere.