MOTU 828x available from Kazbar Systems

Now available, the Thunderbolt and USB2 compatible 828x. The original 828 came out more than 10 years ago (yes it’s been that long).

Although much has changed and improved since the original 828, the original was a milestone in music technology being one of the first multi channel, reliable firwire audio interfaces (this is no small feat considering how unreliable and difficult to support the firewire connection was during it’s infancy).

Now the 828x is here, the 5th version of the 828 and the biggest reworking of the original to date.

MOTU 828x available from Kazbar Systems

New features include, Thunderbolt compatibility, up to 28 inputs and 30 outputs over analogue and digital connections, pre converter sends on the preamps so you can output a clean signal to outboard (such as EQ or a Compressor), on board DSP Effects for low latency monitoring, Standalone mode for live operation and a return to a steel chassis.

Other features which makeca return and make the 828x so versatile are Timecode, MIDI and being able to link multiple units for extra IO.

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