Miguel d'Oliveira Studio Upgrade from Kazbar Systems

When renowned score composer Miguel d’Oliveira received the commission to score and record the music to the new ITV documentary ‘Our Queen’, even Miguel raised an eyebrow to the 10 day turnaround he was given!

Miguel continues…

“I had about 10 days to write and record the music, whilst finishing two other scores. The writing process thankfully went smoothly enough, and, after all cues signed off I had a very short window to record live violin, viola, cello, clarinet, bass clarinet and trumpet. As a quirk, I had some of the cello and trumpet (played my myself) run through a Chandler Germanium Compressor, which I think can give a really nice (not-too subtle) colour to the unusual victims (brass, woodwinds,…).

Mixing “happened” as I tidied up the live recordings, and for mastering all tracks were outputted through a Neve 8803 Stereo EQ (my latest acquisition from Kazbar Systems) and then a limiter. All music was mixed through my Focal SM9‘s”

‘Our Queen’ is a feature length documentary by ITV featuring unique access to the during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Our Queen Documentary music composed by Miguel d'Oliveira in studio supplied by Kazbar Systems

Made by the award winning producer-director Michael Waldman, and the best selling royal author and writer, Robert Hardman, the documentary follows the Jubilee from an inside perspective.

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