Well, we kinda saw this coming but due to the overwhelming response Moog had for the Werkstatt synthesizer they’ve gone and put it into production for us all to enjoy.

Originally conceived as a project for VIP engineers to work on at Moogfest 2014, this little synth quickly caught the attention of the wider synth community with it’s simple layout, crisp, fat Moog sound and internal works that are just begging to be tinkered with, why wouldn’t you want to buy one of these!

The werkstatt already has a thriving community over at www.werkstattworkshop.com where you can find plenty of Moog “authorised” mods for you brand new synthesizer should you be that way inclined!

They finally become available in November, everyone here in Kazbar towers will be getting stuck into some serious synth DIY come release.

So for only £269 (!) you are getting a one oscillator semi-modular moog synthesizer….I mean how much more cool can you get for less than £300?