Cloudlifter available from Kazbar Systems

Elevate your sound with the Cloudlifter. Recording with ribbon mics has never been easier. Designed by Stephen Sank to interface passive low output ribbon microphones with any phantom powered input device, it is completely safe for all passive microphones.

Although Cloud mention how well their Cloudlifter boxes work with Ribbon Microphones, the Cloudlifters are brilliant with any dynamic low level microphones. Cloudlifters boost the signal and make the signal sound incredible.

Cloudlifter CL-2 available from Kazbar Systems

Put one in your backpack for off-site recording, or use in the studio with your favourite preamp. With only a minimum amount of makeup gain required, your tracks will always shine. The direct coupled JFET circuit is ultra-transparent, offering clean gain while preserving the natural sound characteristics of the source.

In this revolutionary design, the audio path is free of capacitors, resistors, and is transformer-less. The result is only the pure signal of the microphone, without coloration. Great for voiceovers and music alike, the Cloudlifter makes using ribbons on the go pure and simple.

Joining the single channel CL-1 and the dual channel CL-2, the CL-Z features a selection of input impedances ranging from 150 to 15k ohms, and variable high-pass filtering from below 20Hz up to approximately 250Hz. A new adjustable output level (+12, +25dB) makes the CL-Z ideally suited for use with everything from lower output ribbon microphones and dynamic mics on quieter sources to higher output mics used for capturing louder material.

Roger from Cloud Electronics explains more in this film:

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