Avantone BV-1 available from Kazbar Systems

Avantone have gone back into production with their BV-1

This is the mic made famous by Robert Plant and Buddy Miller a couple of years ago whilst recording the Band Of Joy album.

“The BV-1 was the only microphone we used on Robert’s vocals on the new “Robert Plant / Band of Joy” record, and we had everything at our fingertips; beautiful old U47‘s, Telefunken‘s, every RCA mic known to man. There was no need to spend time A/B’ing – the BV-1 captured everything and sits beautifully in the track. It’s been the “go to” mic at every session ever since i bought it.” -Buddy Miller

Avantone BV-1 available from Kazbar Systems

It’s back and amazing value at £899 Ex VAT

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