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Client Requirements:

Kazbar Systems recently completed the equipment specification, acoustic design and cabling installation for the Sylvia Young Theatre School’s recording facility.


Sylvia Young Theatre School

Sylvia Young Theatre School was established in 1981 in Drury Lane and is an educational institution with great emphasis on high academic standards and on excellence in the performing arts. Due to its location and high quality facilities, it has also become a popular place for rehearsals and castings for TV, film and theatre.



Sylvia Young Control roomSylvia Young Theatre School Specifications

From the beginning, Kazbar Systems worked closely with the in-house studio managers Simon Hanning and Ray Lamb regarding the equipment specification, acoustic design and cabling installation for the facility.
The new Control Room & Live Room started as one large space, which we divided into two rooms using a dividing wall installed with a double glazed window and door.
Also, part of the facility is an adjacent booth which we have cabled through to the Control Room, this is to be used for recording instruments, such as guitars, etc.

When specking the equipment for the recording studio,  Kazbar Systems worked closely with Simon & Ray from SYTS to create a recording environment which integrated their existing
Digidesign Control 24 Control Surface and Focal Twin 6 BE Active Monitor Speakers to a brand new Apple Mac based system installed with Pro Tools.

To access the pre’s from the Control 24, (plus an additional Audient ASP008 8 Channel Mic pre for additional pre’s and line inputs),
the decided Audio Interface was the SSL Alphalink IO with MADI Xtreme 64 PCI-e Card. With this setup,
Sylvia Young Theatre School can record multiple mic feeds from the Live Room, adjacent room and Dance/Rehearsal Theatre at the same time, making full use of the building and their recording setup.


Also included in the recording setup was a Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity Mic Pre Amp to add that extra bit of quality for a main vocal/ instrument, also from Universal Audio was a UAD 2 PCI-e for extra plugin quality and power.

Now that the facility is finished, Simon & Ray are making full use of the studio not just for recording the teen phenomenon band Ever Young but for video editing too.
Simon Hanning edited the video for the Christmas Number 1 cover by The Justice Collective “He Ain’t Heavy‘ in this very studio!



stlvia-young-theatre-school-2Sylvia Young Theatre School’s Live Room









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