Music production duo ‘MOJAM’ are based within the F Block at Ealing Studios in West London. MOJAM have recently upgraded their main monitoring system to the exclusive Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers.
Kazbar Systems have assisted MOJAM since they first moved into F Block and have provided expertise, support and pro audio equipment to their music studio as they have advanced and developed their recording facilities over the past 10 years.


In October 2021, Kazbar Systems arranged multiple loudspeaker demos for Mus and James to carry out unbiased A/B testing in the comfort of their main workspace. Buying monitors is a big commitment for any studio owner, producer, songwriter or engineer, so A/B testing within the studio enables confident decision making.
Dutch & Dutch state that the 8c speaker is ‘more than just a loudspeaker’. It is a ‘unique acoustic concept’, this is due to its pioneering acoustic design which provides constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards. The Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers offer neutrality, precision, fullness, tight low frequency response and tonal balance. In addition, they are all wrapped up in a minimalistic and clean design, available in various finishes. A close competitor to the Dutch & Dutch 8c speakers are the Kii Audio THREE speakers, both known to sound amazing, tight and very neutral.

Dutch & Dutch 8c Speakers close up


“We’ve been friends with Gavin and Kazbar for years now. The customer service is excellent and Kazbar always gives us great, trustworthy insights into new audio gear that we are looking to try out or purchase; the latest being the incredible 8c speakers by Dutch & Dutch.

We were in the market for a new set of speakers for a while, experimenting with various makes and models – Gavin hooked us up with the 8c’s by Dutch & Dutch and we just had to buy them immediately!“

Grammy award winning song writing and production duo James Murray and Mustafa Omer.
Credits include: Naughty Boy’s ‘La La La’ featuring Sam Smith, Emeli Sandé’s ‘Next To Me’ & ‘Hurts’ and Sam Smith’s ‘Like I Can.’



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