Sunny from Sunny productions whose credits include Professor Green, based at the renowned F Block at Ealing Studios contacted Kazbar Systems for advise on upgrading his monitor speaker setup within his bespoke studio.

Sunny’s productions cover all aspects of popular music production so he needed a pair of speakers which could tick all the boxes when it came to clarity and hearing all frequencies. Sunny auditioned Adam A77X’sAdam S2X‘s and Focal Twin 6BE‘s along with Adam S3X‘s including the Adam Sub 10 which was his final choice.

Kazbar also recommended and installed the Argosy 420i Speaker Stands which include the IsoAcoustic L8R200 Absorbers. Sunny explains why he came to his final decision:

“I picked the Adam S3XV’s along with the Adam Sub10 to get a true representation from mixes all the way from the tops down to the subs you would expect to hear in raves. I tried a few speakers out before my decision and with the help of Gavin and there team, I narrowed my search down to the S3XV;s. I find them clear across the board, from live mixing to dance and would recommend them to people who want high clarity, live and also dance mixes. Sunny and Adam S3XV’s They work great across the board.”