Studio Electronics ModBoom EuroBoom

US based boutique synth manufacturer Studio
have enjoyed worldwide success and received critical
acclaim for their recent Boomstar synthesizer range, which bring loved and
revered monosynth sounds into the 21
st century whilst retaining the
truest and most faithful and accurate circuitry possible.

The Boomstar desktop range features filter models from Moog
with the
the ARP2600 with the
the Yamaha CS-80 with the
the Roland TB-303 with the
and the Oberheim SEM filter with the SEM,
these circuits are now being made available in EuroRack format with the release
of the euroBoom range;

The range currently consists of three filters and one
amplifier, the being the circuit from the 5089, 4075, 3003 and a VCA inspired
by an old school Moog circuit, they have been developed in partnership with
and are completely hand built in the USA.

The euroBoom
is a 24dB 4-pole low pass transistor ladder filter based on an old Moog
circuit, this filter has been used extensively throughout most Moog synths and
modular systems and helped define electronic music as a genre.

euroBoom 5089 Moog Module

Only £229 inc VAT

The euroBoom
is a filter design used in this module is based on the circuit found
in the Roland TB-303 Bass Bot, this little analogue monosynth, originally
designed to replace the need for a bass player eventually found it’s way into
the hands of producers and rapidly became the sound on ACID, it’s 24dB low pass
circuit was driven slightly hard than average and gives the 303 it’s classic
brash tone.

euroBoom 3003 Roland Filter

Only £229 inc VAT

The euroBoom
is the low pass filter circuit from an ARP Instruments Inc. 2600,
favoured by many for its lush tone and pleasing percussive character. This
module is based on the pre-lawsuit version of the ladder 4-pole filter, the
design of which was an imitation of a Moog low pass filter, the earlier
versions of the ARP are more desirable because of the filter circuit used.

euroBoom 4075 Module

Only £229 inc VAT

The euroBoom
is a unique design that allows for a wide array of dynamic control over
the incoming signals, this particular amp includes a drive circuit that
re-circulates the inputs to create a saturated tone.

euroBoom VCA Module

Only £179 inc VAT

These four modules have confirmed to only be the beginnings
of a complete Studio Electronics modular system, it’ll be very exciting to see
what else comes from the Boomstar range, here’s hoping for the oscillator
section, SEM and the CS-80 eh?!

These modules are now available to buy online or over the
phone, for more information speak to our resident synth guru Tom Lewis;

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