From time to time, Kazbar gets wind of a studio clearance
sale that is too good not to share. This has come through one of our old mates who
used to engineer at the Strongroom. She is moving to the States hence the sale.
Some classic items and real bargains to be had here:

Our picks include:

  • Fender
    Rhodes Stage 73 Electric Piano Mk 1 
  • ATI 8MX2 8 Channel Mic-Pre/Limiter (made by the parent company of API)
  • 2 x Dynaudio BM15a Passive Monitor Speakers with Chevin A500 Power Amp
  • 1 x 48 way Bantam Patchbay + Wired with Assorted Cabling + 12 Patchchords in
    6U flight case 
  • ARIA AR-525 STEREO Spring reverb unit 
  • Real Traps 12 x Acoustic Panel Kit: White Mondo Kit: 4x Mondo Traps, 4x Mini
    Traps, 3xMicroTraps 
  • Yamaha SPX 90 Mk II 
  • Technics SL 1200 Mk2 Turntable Deck Silver w/Dust Lid & Numark DM950 DJ
  • Soundtracs 16-8-16 Classic 80s analog Mixing desk

Check out the full list here and
contact Ben Thompson via email or
phone 07983 331999 for more info and viewings