Focal Trio 6BE Active Monitor Speaker available from Kazbar Systems

Stephen Sedgwick, chief engineer at Studio 13, home to the band Gorillaz has recently chosen
Focal Trio 6BE Active Monitor Speakers for the main control room nearfield speakers. Stephen chose the Trios due to their versatility and mix accuracy plus high level of detail at low volumes. Stephen has been working on many projects since choosing the Trios including studio mixes for Gorillaz.

first thing I noticed about the Trios was how much tighter the bass was than my
previous nearfields. When I started mixing with them there wasn’t any settling
in period for me, I felt I could trust what I was hearing right from the start.
The clarity and detail is fantastic, and I’m really happy with how the records
I’ve mixed on them so far have sounded.”

While the main Control Room at Studio 13 has been busy, they have also been building a new studio on the top floor of the facility which is now home to a second pair of Trios too!

API The Box Summing Mixer available from Kazbar Systems

The new studio has been designed as a versatile writing and production room bringing together the ability to write and mix ‘in the box’ but with the inclusion of the
API The Box, the sound of summing (coupled with the onboard Bus Compressor) and the additional outboard is there at the finger tips too.

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