Gary Stevenson is no stranger to producing hit records. Gary’s credits include Go West, Rick Astley, Asia, Bros, Voyager, Beverley Craven and Gary’s current studio project is no other than the forthcoming ABC’s Lexicon Of Love 2.

Gary was first recommended to Kazbar Systems when deciding on a new set of monitor speakers for his Buckinghamshire based studio. After considering the various options and his price range, he settled on the 
Focal SM9’s due to their excellent mix translation and clarity. Later he added two Focal CMS Sub’s to deliver additional pump to the bottom end.

Gary Stevenson Studio Upgrade & Installation by Kazbar Systems

Gary is surrounded by a host of the best outboard to keep the essence of his recording and production quality. The centre of his studio is the Otari Status mixing console where all recordings are tracked through then later, mixed through too.

Kazbar Systems has just completed a major upgrade to Gary’s studio including addition of an Avid HDX System and Avid 16×16 Audio Interface. Gary is also a fan of Universal Audio UAD2 plugins so he opted for a 
UD2 PCIE Octo too which sits alongside the HDX Card in a Sonnet Echo Express III-R Rackmount Expansion Chassis.This blends old and new seamlessly allowing Gary to track and monitor live effects from Pro Tools latency free.

Gary Stevenson Studio Upgrade & Installation by Kazbar Systems

Gary’s studio is all wired to patchbay along with his second editing station for additional production.

The other gem to this excellent studio is the Live room, large enough for a full band recording and making use of the excellent architecture of the barn conversion.

Gary Stevenson Studio Upgrade & Installation by Kazbar Systems

The Live room and Control room have two ways cameras and large LCD Displays so communication between producer and artists is never an issue..