Sony Music contacted Kazbar System to design and specify an acoustic solution to improve the listening experience within their Columbia Records listening room.

Initially the room was open plan but with only the sofas and sound system within the area, when playing music, the sound suffered from inherent sound reflections within the room due to the hard surfaces.

Dave Eccleston from Kazbar Systems provided an initial site visit to measure and gauge the final listening position then prepare a solution that offered excellent acoustic performance.

Like all our designs, we create a computer generated concept to gauge the acoustic panel positioning. With the design for Sony, this included three modex Bass Traps on the rear wall to treat the low end bass frequencies then a number of acoustic panels to treat the sound in the mid to high frequencies.

Also included in the design were two large acoustic curtains to absorb the sound reflections from the window areas.

The final result was a complete transformation in the listening experience within the room balancing the requirements of vastly improving the sound performance while being mindful or aesthetics too.