Sonnox Plugins available from Kazbar Systems

Sonnox has just released new AU and VST versions of the Oxford Plug-ins for both Windows and Mac, which support full 64-bit compatibility and have updated GUIs. In addition, we will be adding AAX-Native support free of charge to licence holders of the new native versions.

Customers buying now who wish to run the new 64-bit compatible AU and VST versions, will require an iLok 2.

Pro Tools customers: since Pro Tools is not yet 64-bit, there are no 64-bit versions for Pro Tools and customers can use the current RTAS software, and use the blue iLok 1.

The new Native licences will also support the Pro Tools AAX-Native format. This software will be released in 2012 – starting with the Oxford EQ and Inflator, in January. Customers buying now, as owners of the new licences, will simply be able to download the AAX-Native software free of charge. iLok 2 will be required for these.

In this video, Kazbar customer James Reynolds talks to Sonnox TV about he uses Sonnox plugins in the mix and demonstrates with Tulisa‘s number 1 single ‘Young‘.

Sonnox plugins available from:

Kazbar Systems Pro Audio Sales