Rupert Neve Shelford Channel available from Kazbar Systems

A Whole New Vintage – Over fifty years in the making, the
Shelford Channel is the definitive evolution of the original technologies in Rupert’s classic console modules like the 1073, 1064, 1081 & 2254, thoughtfully advanced and refined for the 21st century studio.

The Shelford Channel is built around Rupert Neve’s first new transformer-gain, class-A microphone preamplifier in over 40 years, the “best-of-the-classics” inductor EQ section from the Shelford 5052, a tone-packed Diode bridge compressor, the analog power of variable Silk saturation, a new dual-tap transformer output stage for maintaining headroom or allowing the full driving of the Channel without clipping standard converters, and twice the operating voltage of vintage designs.

With richly-colored tonal options for making bold statements with your music, and precisely-engineered detented controls for recall, the vintage-inspired Shelford Channel maintains the soul of Rupert’s classic designs with new levels of versatility, delivering what can only be described as the combined essence of fifty years of Rupert Neve’s designs.


  • Rupert Neve’s first new Class A, transformer-gain mic preamplifier in over 40 years – punchy and creamy-smooth, with excellent isolation and vanishingly low noise
  • Front-panel hi-Z instrument input using the same discrete Class A field-effect transistor with transformer topology as Rupert Neve Designs’ acclaimed RNDI.
  • The best-of-the-classics inductor EQ – LF band of the 1064, the MR band of the legendary 1073, and a hybrid design for the HF band using decidedly modern design using components and techniques that simply did not exist in the 1970s
  • The Super Diode-bridge Compressor – based on the topologies found in vintage Neve designs such as the 2254
  • Dual-tap transformer output – serves up the inimitable sound of Rupert Neve’s classic designs while providing far more tonal versatility
  • Silk and Texture controls – dial in the Silk Red/Blue and Texture controls to drive your output, dial in delectable 2nd- and 3rd-order harmonic distortion, and saturation of the output transformer, imbuing your tracks with juicy rich thickness with no danger of overloading the output stage
  • The Magical Sound of Neve – Rupert Neve is an audio legend whose electronics designs defined the golden age of analogue. Mr. Neve has remained at the forefront of audio-circuit innovation for over half a century, and his current company, Rupert Neve Designs, continues to advance the state of the art with cutting-edge products that sound incredible and intelligently address the challenges of the digital age. Order Yours Today Online – Click Here


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