Cambridge, UK:
July 2014
: Rui Da Silva, writer of international number one single Touch
amongst many other diverse projects, describes himself as a Producer,
Engineer, Beatmaker, Remixer, Writer, DJ and Programmer. He can now add Lyra 2 owner to the list as well, having recently
bought one of the audio interface units through UK dealer and partner, Kazbar

Rui Da Silva

Rui Da Silva

“I first heard about Prism Sound’s Lyra 2 through a magazine
article,” he says. “I’ve been a longtime user of the company’s
Orpheus audio interface and have also used the Dream AD-2 converter in the
past. The Lyra 2 integrates perfectly in my new setup. Studio space is at a
premium and while I still use the Orpheus in my studio in Windsor, Lyra 2 is
the right fit for my central London studio and for travelling work. It has
sufficient inputs and outputs to be able to run most of my sessions and has a
small enough footprint for me to just put it in my backpack.”

For Da Silva, this makes Lyra 2 a ubiquitous tool in his kitbag. He not only
used the unit to write, record and mix all of the debut album from Lisbon Kid,
but also to record Chloe Howl and much of his latest solo productions and

“In fact, you can hear it on every single release I have put out in this
past year,” he says.

The Lyra family of audio interfaces is proving to be an extremely popular one
for Prism Sound. Built from a design brief that demanded Prism Sound quality at
an even more accessible price point, Lyra has the same no-compromise analogue
front and back ends as its bigger brother Orpheus, with the same
fully-balanced-throughout architecture and the same isolation barriers
protecting the analogue from digital and computer interference. And it achieves
all this in a 2.1kg, 2/3 width, 1U 19in rack mountable unit.

“It has also allowed me to not have a mixer in the studio as I use the
Lyra Control Panel instead,” comments Da Silva. “And it allows me to
give a separate headphone feed to the singers when we are doing vocals. The
latency – even if it is not an absolute zero – is very workable for almost
every scenario.”

Da Silva adds that Prism Sound support has been brilliant and staff are ‘a
pleasure to deal with’. But it’s the Lyra 2’s portability along with that ‘Prism
Sound’ that is the real advantage for him.

“I have to make a long trip to Portugal this year to record some new
material for Lisbon Kid and, of course, the Lyra 2 will be in the bag with
me,” he says.