Roger Linn Design Linnstrument Advanced MIDI Control Surface

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The Roger Linn Linnstrument is a highly advanced MIDI control surface designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and musical expression, with a polyphonic multi-touch surface that captures three dimensional finger movements, Linnstrument is the ultimate LED grid controller.

Unlike a MIDI keyboard, LinnStrument's notes are arranged not as on a piano, but rather like any stringed instrument, with multiple rows (strings) consisting of 2 octaves of semitones each. The rows can be tuned as a guitar, in fifths as a violin or cello, in fourths  or any interval you like.

To make it easy to find the right notes, the naturals (C, D, E, F, G, A and B) are lit, with all the C notes lit in a different colour, though you can alternatively light any scale or accent notes you choose, and in any of six colours: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta or yellow.

With LinnStrument's 3-dimensional control, you'll find little use for envelope generators or LFOs because your finger movements do a better job of controlling a note's envelope, vibrato, pitch slides, tremolo, bends, timbral changes and other musical gestures, just like on acoustic instruments. All this adds up to an electronic instrument with expressive control approaching that of fine acoustic instruments, allowing you to develop subtle musical gestures and a personal playing style, just as great musicians have done in past on acoustic instruments.

Each of LinnStrument's rows is a continuous multi-touch sensor, capturing independent velocity, X, Y and Z-axis position for each of multiple touches. And all rows provide this capability simultaneously. On top of this sensor is a soft, translucent, 2 millimetre thick silicone rubber touch surface, with slightly raised note squares spaced 3/4 inches apart and high enough so you can feel where the notes are, but low enough to easily slide your finger left or right across multiple note squares for continuous pitch slides. Each note square has a 3-color LED that shines through to the surface, visually guiding you to the scale notes you seek.

Linnstrument is based on the popular ARM-based Arduino Due Platform so the internal code is open and completely editable. To modify the code, simply download and install the free Arduino IDE, then download the LinnStrument source code from our repository, modify it and load it into your LinnStrument in order to use your new feature.

The main features of the Roger Linn Linnstrument Include:

  • Next generation advanced MIDI control surface
  • Multi-Touch, gesture based, expressive, musical and responsive
  • Completely user customisable through the Arduino platform
  • Three dimensional controls
  • Works with any MIDI enabled gear

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Roger Linn Design Linnstrument

Product Reviews

Written by Tom on 19th May 2015


Really pleased with my Linnstrument, works like a charm and gives me expressiveness I've not been able obtain elsewhere.

Written by gj on 7th May 2015

thumbs up for LinnStrument

Probably the best affordable alternative midi controller around for expressive midi control and at the same time it is very compact and lightweight. I'm not sure that you will find other midi controller packed with such playability and expressiveness per square inch and it even comes with MIDI DIN ports! However you must make sure that your sound generator can handle such amount of expressiveness ;)

Written by undefined on 4th May 2015


What can I say; it's well made, it works brilliantly and the Linn support is top notch. Highly recommended.