Roger Linn Design Linnstrument 128 MIDI Control

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The Roger Linn LinnStrument 128 Expressive MIDI Controller (smaller model with 128 note pads)

Roger Linn Design's LinnStrument 128 MIDI controller delivers the same amazing control and playability as the original LinnStrument, only in a slightly more compact and more affordable package. Featuring 128 (vs. the original's 200) individual responsive pads and powerful multimode functions, this matrix of touch-sensitive controls lets you play your instruments and create music in a fun and exciting way. If you're a guitarist, then this is the MIDI controller you've always wanted, and if you're a keyboardist, then hang on to your hat, because this unique controller will spark your creativity in a whole new way.

First off, the LinnStrument 128's tuning options are incredibly flexible, so you aren't stuck with any one configuration. That said, the default is perfect fourths, making the note arrangement from row to row like that of an 8-string bass. If you play guitar, bass, or other stringed instruments, this controller will feel totally natural. What's more, you can easily set the note range and highlight all the naturals in whatever scale you like, with different colors for the octaves. Even if you don't play another instrument, you'll find learning to rock out on the LinnStrument 128 incredibly easy.

Armed with both standard MIDI I/O and USB connectivity, the Roger Linn Design LinnStrument 128 is the perfect companion for your favorite synthesizers and virtual instruments. Everything it does sends MIDI information, and depending on how flexible your synths are, you get a virtually unlimited amount of control. In fact, if you're running a synth with next-generation MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) MIDI control, such as the included Bitwig 8-track or many synths created in Native Instruments Reaktor or Cycling 74 Max, you enjoy full control over each note you play.

Simple top-level buttons let you access the LinnStrument 128's additional tools. First, there's the powerful 2-track step sequencer, which includes independent track step sizes and loop lengths, as well as reverse play, live play, and more. The arpeggiator is also impressive, with its expressive swing and responsive chord functions. Just by varying your pressure, you can manipulate the arpeggiator to create exciting and constantly changing rhythms.

Kick in the Low Row mode and the LinnStrument 128 lets you control multiple parameters, such as sustain, modulation, and pitch bend, all at once, via the bottom row of 3D pads. Top it off with dual footswitch support, strum mode for guitar-like chords, and splits that allow different modes in each section, and the control options onboard the LinnStrument 128 will blow you away.

The main features of the Roger Linn Linnstrument 128 Include:

  • A 128-pad version of the groundbreaking LinnStrument MIDI controller
  • Perfect for songwriters, guitarists, and other creative artists
  • Each pad includes velocity (on and off), pressure, and X/Y motion control
  • Take full control of MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) instruments
  • Includes Bitwig 8-track soft synth with MPE instruments
  • Customizable layout arranges notes on rows like strings on a guitar
  • Multicolor LEDs provide scale highlighting for natural and octave notes
  • 2-track step sequencer and extremely flexible arpeggiator onboard
  • Low Row mode and Strum mode provide extended expression options
  • Split the playing area into multiple modes for even more dynamic playing
  • Includes dual footswitch inputs and guitar strap pegs for different playing styles

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Roger Linn Design Linnstrument 128 MIDI Control

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