Kazbar Systems has supplied Niall Acott from NJA Audio a mobile recording rig specked and installed to record Series 2 of TV talent show The Voice.

The BBC series featuring judges Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, Danny O’Donoghue and Will.i.am was won by Andrea Begley in front of a viewing audience which averaged 7.24 million.

Filmed and recorded on location at the Richard Attenborough stage within Pinewood Studios, Niall was recording the songs for Universal Music ready to be available to download within i-Tunes.

Niall required a solid, stable system which offered simple setup and integration into live feeds from front of house, in this case, 2 x 56 channels from the Digico stage racks.

The ideal choice was the RME HDSPe MADI FX card inside an Apple MacPro which took MADI feeds from the Digico racks then for monitoring, Niall used an Antelope Orion 32 Audio Interface: “From the RME HDSPe, we have a MADI Output which is feeding the Output MADI inputs on the Orion interface, there are 40 outputs, 24 analogue and 16 Adat feeding a Yamaha DM1000. We mix the show live from those 40 channels with a few effects and it is uploaded and sent directly to mastering. So essentially it’s an old fashioned stereo live mix!”

Niall also commented on how compact the new system is: “It’s such a compact setup now. If I was to look at the next best way of doing it, it would be a lot bulkier and considerably more expensive”.

Niall continued “I recently took the decision to upgrade to a second mobile rig for location recording. There’s a requirement for high channel counts in theatre and live work these days and so the decision to put together a system utilising the RME MADI FX PCIe and MADI Bridge along with the new Antelope Orion 32 was straight forward enough. Kazbar Systems put the whole package together, including cables (alongside Justin from Cadence Cables) in record time!”

Also, as part of the monitoring setup, Niall used a pair of Unity Audio Rock mk2 Speakers (pictured).

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