Recording Studio Builds


Our studio design team will visit your premises to have an informal discussion about the requirements and aspirations for the studio. This is a free of charge, no obligation service. The next step, for a minimal fee, is for one of our acousticians to undertake a site survey that will include an assessment of the soundproofing and acoustic performance of the premises.





Our studio designers can produce a full CAD drawing of the proposed floor plan of the studio, and a full specification of the build.  This will include floor, wall and ceiling construction as well as acoustic treatments and electrical and HVAC services.

We will then make our proposal, outlining the best possible solution based upon your requirements and budget. A breakdown of costs and finish options will also be provided.


Our build team includes builders, carpenters, electricians, HVAC and electronic engineers. Using our build team ensures the studio build meets the exacting requirements set by the Designer, who will often employ advanced construction techniques and materials usually not found in standard domestic and commercial builds.


Each project requires a unique design.  To this end every aspect of studio acoustics is carefully considered at the planning stages to ensure your studio sounds as amazing as it looks. Our experienced acousticians can create the perfect live and dead spaces in your new studio.



Our technical engineers can assist with every aspect of the cabling necessary for your studio. We specify only the best quality cables and connectors, and our cable systems are custom-made to meet your requirements. Our technicians specialise in patchbay design, cable looms, routing options and configuration, and will always carry out rigorous onsite installation and testing.



The vision of the aspiring studio owner is the biggest factor that determines the cost of any build. Other major factors can include:

* The number of studios
* Their purpose
* The level of isolation required
* Acoustic specification
* Audio and electrical cabling
* The level of finish required 

We will provide you with a full and detailed breakdown of costs in our quotation, including a full schedule of work to be undertaken and a timeline of the build.


When it comes to planning the equipment for your studio we offer completely transparent, unbiased advice.

From mixing consoles to monitor speakers, outboard to microphones, recording software to audio interfaces; we will help you choose the best quality options to get the most productive and best sounding results for your budget.

Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning solutions cater for both ambient temperatures and heat displacement. We always specify silent solutions ideal for recording environments. We can also design air conditioning systems for multiple recording areas whilst maintaining silent performance and ease of use.


The correct lighting tastefully applied creates an appealing ambience that enhances the creative mood of your studio. We use the latest power efficient LED lighting, which can be concealed behind furniture or acoustic panels, as well as LED down lighting to create the right atmosphere whilst still efficiently illuminating your workspace.

All of our lighting solutions are fully customisable and are installed by qualified electricians, meeting all British Standard specifications.

Artwork and Graphics

Once the colour scheme of your studio has been decided upon we can supply acoustic treatments that incorporate any custom artwork of your choice.

After Sales Service and Technical Support

With over 20 years of experience in studio installations, from the smallest project studio to the largest Control & Live Room, Kazbar Systems offers unrivalled technical advice and ongoing support.


Case studies and examples of our previous work.