Radial Studio banner, three photos and one logo

Client Requirements:

Kazbar Systems was engaged to complete and commission the acclaimed songwriter Damian Montagu’s West Sussex based studio, Radial Music Studios.


Radial Music Studios

Damian has written countless songs for advertising, TV & Film with London based Radial Music.
The studio was designed in conjunction with Douglas Doherty from DACS Audio Ltd, Justin Hemmington from Cadence Cables, freelance engineer Niall Acott and Sean Handley from Orion Air Conditioning. Kazbar Systems also supplied the complete specification and install of the audio equipment, along with the custom cable installation.


Radial Studio Live Room


Radial Studio Equipment

The equipment was chosen to the highest specification from Millennia Pre’s to the IZ ADA for audio converters. Studio Monitoring is PMC.
At the hub of the studio is an Apple MacPro fully specked running Apple Logic Studio with an RME HDSPe RayDat piping audio through to the IZA ADA Converters.
All equipment is wired to a central patchbay to provide the cleanest signal path, looking after speaker and headphone control is an Audient ASP 510 and SPL Phonitor 2.


Millennia Microphone Preamps


In a studio it is crucial to use ultra quiet AC and Ventilation, Kazbar Systems employed the services of Orion Air Conditioning to provide a silent air-conditioning solution for the Control Room and Live Room of Radial Music Studios.