Client Requirement: To design, specify and install background and performance sound system for all commercial areas.

Our Commercial Audio team were initially contacted by Nicholas James Group and Bouygues UK mid 2015 to assist with speaker placement, audio distribution and audio routes for the forth coming Harbour Hotel Southampton. We had previously worked with Nicholas James Group with their Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Guildford Harbour Hotel, Northbrook Park and Froyle Park Estates and were excited to be contacted once again to assist with this flagship development.

Many site visits to Bouygues Southampton office insured while plans were updated plus technical installation aspects were addressed including speaker fittings, controller locations, amplification and zone control location, audio and control cable routes and speaker choices (both aesthetic and performance).

Finally we had a plan and agreement we could move forward with, contracts were signed and we were invited for our First Fix cabling installation early 2017. Our team returned to site at progressive stages to install speakers, amplification and audio zone control/distribution systems when required by Bouygues UK.

Jetty Bar & Restaurant

The Jetty Bar & Restaurant along with Outside Terraces were the first area of the Southampton Harbour Hotel our commercial team designed. Our client were looking for a sound solution which would offer a full range sound, perform when required but sound pleasant at low volume too. The challenge was to provide a solution which worked with the building environment but provide the best audio dispersion too.

For this we chose Audac Xeno8 Passive Speaker cabinets for the Jetty Bar lounge areas but for the actual Bar area we chose Audac Vexo8 which offer an enhanced sound performance when louder volumes are required. 

To enhance the sound in the Jetty Bar area we also installed two Audac Baso10 Sub Bass Cabinets for even bass dispersion. For the Outside Jetty Bar Terrace we installed four Bose DS40SE outside speakers at even points along the Outside Terrace canopy.


HarBAR Floor 6 Bar & Restaurant

The HarBAR on Floor 6 is a lively, social environment. Providing an audio solution needs to be addressed sensitively. Rather than providing a solution where there is less speakers interfering with the minimal aesthetics of the bar/restaurant area, we recommended more as less speakers can become frustrating from a patrons perspective when there is less speakers being turned up on social occasions to fill voids where speakers should have been installed.

The HarBAR has 11 evenly distributed Ecler 106 Passive Speakers along the perimeter to provide full range sound and distribution both at background levels during the day and louder volumes during evening events. The HarBar also has two Outside Terraces, both with stunning views across Southampton waters. For the Front Terrace we installed three Bose DS40SE’s and for the large Rear Terrace we opted for four Bose DS40SE’s.

To allow for more lively weekend activities, the client required for us to provide a solution to allow for a DJ to plug into the HarBAR sound system. To allow for this we installed an audio wall plate behind the DJ area where the client can plug the mobile DJ Booth installed with two Pioneer CDJ900’s and one Pioneer DJM750 Nexus Mixer. To allow for music to be controlled in respect of dining customers or drinking customers, the HarBAR is split into two zones controlled by BSS Blu3 Wall Controllers. 

Although the Jetty Bar & HarBAR on 6th are separate eating/drinking environments, they are both connected to and controlled by a central BSS Soundweb Audio Distribution system. All speaker and control cabling is routed to a second floor server room location where the equipment racks are situated. Here also are the Audac SMQ350 Amplfiers along with Audac CAP224’s powering both the HarBAR and Jetty Bar.

Also located within this room are two music playback devices provided by the client for continuous background music for both the HarBAR and Jetty Bar.

HarSPA Reception, Pool, Treatment Rooms, Changing Rooms, Lavatories, Relaxation Room & Gymnasium

The HarSPA area consists of the Spa Reception, Pool, Changing Rooms, Relaxation Room, Treatment Rooms, Studio (for Spinning, Yoga classes etc) and Gymnasium. Our commercial audio team designed a background audio solution cabled to a central location for a rack where all areas could be centrally controlled.

For the Main Reception, Changing Rooms, Relaxation Room and Studio we specified Tannoy CVS6 Ceiling Speakers, for the Pool and Treatment Rooms we installed Tannoy 403’s. The Treatment Rooms and the Relaxation Room have an individual speaker with a Cloud RSL-6W Wall Controller allowing individual controls over volume plus a choice of music sources.

The Studio has a Cloud LM-2W Wall Controller allowing for music source selection, volume control, plus inputs for an additional music source such as a smartphone and a microphone input for exercise classes. For the Studio we supplied an additional Sennheiser Headset Radio Microphone. To allow for additional volume within the Gymnasium, we installed four Audac Vexo 8 speakers.

All HarSPA areas are cabled and controlled to a central location in the Main Reception. This is where the audio equipment rack is located housing Audac CAP 224 and SMA 350 Amplifiers. Also within this rack is a Cloud Z4mk3 Mixer (controlling the Main Reception, Pool & Changing Rooms, Gymnasium and Relaxation Room) and a Cloud Z8mk4 Mixer (controlling the seven Treatment Rooms & Studio).

For music sources within the HarSPA area there is a choice of two music playback devices (supplied by the client), a CD Player and a smartphone input too.

Main Reception, Meeting Rooms and Lavatories


For the Main Reception, Lavatories and Meeting Rooms we specified and installed Tannoy CVS6 Ceiling Speakers cabled to an equipment rack located in the Main Reception Office. Within this rack is Audac CAP424 Amplifier, a Cloud DC1Me Zone Controller Mixer and Dennon CD Player along with music source devices supplied by the client.

The audio installation was competed in September 2017 on schedule for the hotel opening.

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