Client Requirement: To specify and install a complete audio upgrade to the Lounge, Bar, Restaurant and also the newly fitted out Front & Rear Terrace

Lounge Area 

The existing audio system in the Lounge area had sound dispersion issues due to the placement and alignment of the speakers mounted on to a high conduit. This resulted in the sound travelling across the ceiling with no focused sound dispersion towards the clientele.

The lounge  is large enough for seating areas along the forward window plus seating at one area of the bar too. This is a popular area to congregate for clients comiing in for the bar plus clients socializing before dining.

We needed to specify an alternative solution to which was previously installed,  which catered for a full range sound, capable of loud volumes during busy weekend periods and DJ use plus aesthetically pleasing too blending with the design and feel of Bank.

For this we opted for six Ecler 108 Speakers mounted at key points in the lounge area to offer an even sound dispersion along with two Ecler 106 mounted to the central section. To cover the full range of sound we also installed two Audac Basso 10 Sub Bass Enclosures which were mounted discreetly within existing enclosures.

Bar & Restaurant

The bar and restaurant areas suffered from the same sound dispersion issues as the lounge area due to the previous speaker positioning. In the bar the speakers were placed along a conduit facing glass panelling (suffering sound reflections too) and in the restaurant, ceiling speakers were previously installed inside a border running under the ceiling with a conduit underneath; effectively placing a barrier between the background music and the clientele.

To solve these issues for the bar, we needed a compact and focused solution due to the short space between the upper conduit and the glass panelling. To solve this we chose the Ecler 103 Cube Speakers. These offer a pleasant sound and to cover the sound displacement of the long bar, we placed six Ecler 103’s at key, measured points along the bar.

Bank restaurant required the full range of sound to be continuous wherever you walk within the establishment and a major requirement was for there to be decent bass coverage as you walk along the bar area too. The issue we had to overcome was there were no obvious space where to mount bass enclosures (with us baring in mind the aesthetic requirements too), to overcome this we mounted two Audac CS1000S Ceiling Mounted Sub Bass Speakers custom fitted and wired to the ceiling. The end result is continuous full range sound dispersion, away from the glass panelling and towards the clientele.

We applied the same audio solution from the bar to the restaurant too. We installed eight Ecler 103 Speakers at key dining points along the conduit angled towards theclientele and four Audac C1000S Ceiling Mounted Sub Bass Speakers to cover the full range of sound.

Front & Rear Terrace

Bank Restaurant invested heavily in their Front & Rear Terraces. For the Front Terrace Bank installed heater systems so that clients can be kept warm whilst dining and drinking. To compliment the new setup Bank required a discreet audio solution. The challenge to be faced was there was no obvious areas where to mount speakers due to the open design of the front terrace.

After considering various options, the solution chosen was to mount Audac Weatherproof Speakers within the bordering, alongside the seating areas. This would bring background music to all seated areas of the Front Terrace.

For the Rear Terrace (The Waterside Grill) which is part covered (for the uncovered section Bank installed a retractable roof), Bank required a sound system which would offer a full range of sound and dispersion amongst the various seated tabled areas plus the newly installed bar too.

The sound system we installed needed to blend with the design of The Waterside Grill but also perform when the area is in use for a function. For this we chose Ecler 103 Speakers mounted along the wooden conduits towards the seated areas and Audac C1000s Ceiling Sub Bass Speakers mounted within the conduits at key points to create a pleasant sound at low volumes but which performs excellently at higher levels too.


As with all our installations, no cabling is visible but the Front Terrace posed extra challenges due to the audio cables having to be run from inside the bar, under the paving stones then through to wooden boarders of the Front Terrace where the Audac Weatherproof Speakers are installed. DJ source and volume control panels were also installed in the Lounge along with the Front and Rear Terrace.

To power the Speakers and Sub Bass Enclosures for the Lounge, Bar, Restaurant, Front and Rear Terraces we used Audac Amplification with a Cloud Z8mk2 Zone Mixer.

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