Zaor Monitor Stand (Single) – Colour Options


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  • Height adjustable speaker support with isolation (Aerstop)
  • Adjust to your height, setup, and general environment
  • Safety mechanism to secure a position in place and stabilise the stand
  • Materials Oak/Ash, particleboard
  • The top plate (280 x 280 mm) caters for a wide variety of speakers
  • Supports up to 25 kg
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Zaor Monitor Stand – The height-adjustable and non-resonant Stand Monitor uses high-quality woods, a solid construction and a tight safety mechanism for uncompromisable professional level near-field and midfield monitoring.

Classic Stand Series – Zaor Monitor Stand

Versatile, acoustically optimised and simply elegant. The Stand Monitor does exactly what a speaker stand should do: put your speakers in the right position and give them the support they need to reproduce sound flawlessly. With the incredible variety of speaker sets and listening setups in all the studios and living rooms in the world, fixed-height speaker stands can sometimes fall short of pitching the speakers at exactly the right height. Considering how important it is to align the tweeter position with the ear level of the listener, optimal speaker height is paramount in order to get the most out of any speaker system. The Stand Monitor allows for flexibly adjusting the height of the speakers to find the perfect sweet spot in any given scenario and then locking it into position with a tight-fitting safety system. The construction of the Stand Monitor also relies on solid, non-resonant materials in order to subdue and eliminate unwanted vibrations that could colour the sound image. Aiding this pursuit is the Aerstop mat on top, isolating the speakers from the stands. The large variety of available finishes makes it easy to integrate Stand Monitor into any working or living environment.

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Zaor Monitor Stand Finishes

Black Cherry, Black Grey, Black Oak, White Gloss Grey