Zaor MIZA X2 Flex – Available in Two Finishes


NB: Delivery ETA 4 – 6 weeks

  • Large and complete studio desk environment 19” racks and XXL keyboard draw out
  • Flexible speaker isolation system (Isoacoustics) included
  • 3 x 4 19” Rack units in an ergonomic angular fashion
  • Super solid pull out tray for keyboards, controllers, etc up to 1760 mm width
  • Rugged construction with cable passes, extra shelf for hard disks and big cable tray in the back for neat set-up
  • Keyboard pull out with dual rail and floor wheel for maximum stability (up to 40 kg)
  • Computer (desktop) compartment below pull out tray
  • Made from melamine faced chipboard with solid wood applications
  • Distance from tray to table top 176 mm (max keyboard height)
  • Keyboard tray size (WxHxD) 1760 x 620 x 465 mm
  • Tabletop is at height of 820 mm and 1889 mm wide
  • Size (WxHxD) 1889 x 1000 x 1132 mm


MIZA X2 Flex – Welcome to your cockpit: this premium control deck with 12 units of rack space, height-adjustable master keyboard tray, plenty of workspace and isolating speaker stands puts you at the heart of production and all your tools within reach.


Miza X2 Flex – 5 Level Cockpit Desk

The creative workspace demands efficiency, the modern workplace strives for clarity. The new Miza X2 FLEX offers both: it assembles all the most important tools for your production needs and arranges them in an orderly, tidy fashion. The Miza X2 FLEX is equal parts impressive elegance and compact workhorse. Born from a customer’s wish for their perfect desk, the Miza X2 FLEX is a testament to the outstanding quality of Zaor studio furniture, with the new update underlining the manufacturer’s desire to keep improving on already strong concepts. It offers multiple levels of space for all the tools required for creation, putting them at your fingertips and freeing your mind to focus on your work. There is enough room on the top shelf for multiple computer screens and nearfield monitors, which sit comfortably on the included IsoAcoustics speaker isolators. Twelve units of rack space for your preamps, synthesizers or analogue mastering chain and a desktop with lots of real estate invite intuitive and unhindered creation. Right underneath the main desk sits the height-adjustable heavy-duty dual rail keyboard tray that can carry up to 40 kg – sufficient even for your larger keyboards or controllers and now offering even more width. This new incarnation also further optimises the outstanding cable management for even more convenience. These features, combined with the outstanding build and wood quality make the Miza X2 the heart of audio production many have wished for.

Miza X2 Flex Full Specifications:

  • Dual rail keyboard tray system with floor support
  • Maximum keyboard tray load: 40 kg
  • 3 x 4 rack units
  • IsoAcoustics speaker stands (decoupling)
  • Closed cable tray for neat setup


Available Finishes:
  • Black Cherry
  • Grey Wengé


  • Floor dimensions: 1890 x 1144 x 1005 mm (WDH)
  • Keyboard tray dimensions: 1765 x 432 mm (WD)
  • Keyboard tray space to desktop: 108 mm
  • Desktop dimensions: 1890 x 325 mm (WD)
  • Top shelf dimensions: 1890 x 742 mm (WD)
  • Knee height: 605 mm
  • Desk height: 1005 mm


Comes in two boxes – Package Weight:
  • 66 kg (box 1)
  • 66 kg (box 2)


Packed Box Size:
  • 198 x 120 x 24 cm (box 1)
  • 201 x 86 x 20 cm (box 2)


Suitable for:
  • DJ’s, Producers, Composers, Broadcast, Musicians


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Miza X2 Flex Finishes

Black Cherry, Grey Wengé