Zaor Marea X32 – Classic Desk Series


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  • Large desktop
  • Supports most small and medium sized controllers or mixers
  • 3 x 2 RU space for important hardware above mixer level
  • Solid construction with precious materials (solid wood)
  • Great cable management and passages for extensive wiring needs
  • Extra screen/speaker support plane behind rack bays
  • Upholstered armrest


The unwavering popularity of Behringer’s digital mixing console X32 calls for a specialised piece of furniture to house it: the Zaor Marea X32 perfectly complements the console with a sturdy desk and rack space.
Considered a “game changer” by many, the Behringer X32 certainly enjoys an unprecedented level of popularity among digital mixers for studio and live applications. Meticulously tailored to the particulars of the Behringer console, the Marea X32 offers the optimal solution for studios and venues that employ the X32 as a centrepiece. Consequently, as the Marea O does for other small to medium mixers, Marea X32 complements the Behringer console with a number of amenities to improve workflow and comfort. For instance, you will find six rack units above the console to integrate your precious hardware equipment from microphone preamps and converters in studio applications to EQs, compressors or feedback destroyers in live venues. Conveniently placed on top of the mixer, devices in the racks can easily be operated while sitting or standing at the desk. Moreover, notes, riders or additional controllers can be placed on the large desk area to the right of the console. In addition, a computer screen shelf behind the rack units and a clever cable management cover all requirements for a desk in studios and at FOH or monitor positions. As a result, this timeless, elegant desk is the perfect companion for the Behringer X32.




Classic Zaor Marea X32 Desk Full Specification

  • Space for up to 6 rack units
  • Solid wood (Oak/Ash) finish
  • Perfectly adapted for X32
  • Extra plane behind desk and racks for screens / speakers
  • Internal space for cabling
  • Classic console design
Available Finishes:
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Black
  • Height – 1047 mm
  • Width – 1582 mm
  • Depth – 1105 mm
Package Weight:
  • Packed in box – 82 kg
Box Size:
  • 172 x 101 x 24 cm
  • Modern, Minimal


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Zaor Marea X32 Finishes

Black, Cherry, Oak