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The Warm Audio WA12 MKII Half-Rack Microphone Preamp offers a huge 71dB of Gain using high class custom Cinemag transformers in and out of the unit. Designer Bryce Jones of Warm Audio has based the WA12 upon an all discrete design with no surface mount components used within the design. The rotary gain control knob allows for stepped incrimination which when paired with a second unit will offer the ability of balancing a stereo pair of microphone or instrument sources.

The Warm Audio WA12 Microphone Preamp is powered by an external power supply to minimize noise induction within the unit.


Packed With Performance.

The WA12 MKII is a completely discrete, high voltage, dual-transformer microphone preamplifier designed for high gain (+71dB), high headroom, low noise, and an exciting sonic performance – great for all types of recording applications.  A high quality mic preamp is one of the most critical pieces needed to achieve the elusive ‘larger than life’ sound, and the WA12 MKII  is more than capable of delivering.

The WA12 MKII  is based around a discrete op-amp, the X731, which is our own reproduction of the vintage classic Melcor 1731, considered by some to be the warmer predecessor to the modern 2520-style op-amp.  The X731 can achieve vibrant, clean and lifelike tones; but can also be driven into mild saturation at much higher gain levels.  The effects can be subtle, but very pleasing to the ear.  The WA12 MKII can also accept any discrete op-amp on the market which conforms to the +/-16v, 2520 pinout standard.


The Main Features of the WA12 MKII Half-Rack Microphone Preamp Includes:

• 71db of Gain.
• High voltage 1731 style operational amplifier.
• 48 volt Phantom Power.
• Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4″/TRS.
• Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4″/TRS.
• 2 Meg Ohm True HI-Z input on front panel.
• -20db pad.
• External power plug for low noise


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