Unity Audio Monolith Three Leg Tripod Speaker Stand (Single)



Unity Audio designed and built their own Monolith monitor stands because they felt that other current speaker stand brands just were not up to the job for professional applications. The principle behind a good stand is to provide a solid base for the speaker so that energy is not lost through unnecessary movement; but instead is projected forward to the listener! Also if your control room has a resonant floor, The Monolith decouples the speaker from the floor, again reduced energy loss.

By designing their own stands, bass response is dramatically improved with extended lower end performance in conjunction with tighter, better defined mid range.

Heavy gauge 5mm steel stock finished in a black powder coat. Top & bottom plates are 300mm x 300mm but custom sizes are available. Three vertical hollow legs allow to be sand filled to add additional mass. Furthermore, the height is adjustable as each leg is drilled with a number of equally spaced holes and locking pins fix the legs to the desired height. Both top and bottom plates are drilled and tapped with M8 threads to accept heavy duty M8 knurled spikes to mount the speaker to the stand and isolate the stand from the floor if required.


The main features of the Unity Audio Monolith Tripod Speaker Stand include:

  • Top & bottom plate: 300mm x 300mm (custom sizes can be accommodated)
  • Minimum height: 830mm
  • Maximum extended height: 1380mm
  • Weight: 30kg approx


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