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Like many of the gems in the Tubetech catalogue, this striking looking compressor remains a well kept secret, although word is begining to spread.

A true Vari Mu, I personally rate this as one of the best tube compressors on the market. It gives me what I want from a valve unit – a thick, creamy sound that allows vocals to stand proud of the track without pushing the fader, lets a bass thump at the bottom end without crowding the rest of the track or warms a mix and makes acoustic tracks easy on the ear.

These days, a plethora of boutique manufacturers are trying to cash in on the vintage boom by producing costly, funky tube gear, all costing three fingers and a thumb but rarely matching the far cheaper CL1B in terms of sound or quality. If you want one high-end tube comp for tracking vocals or fattening bass, then put your financial eggs in the CL1B market. It’ll please your ears for years to come and hold its value while all around plummet like a financial stone. Highly recommended.


The TUBE-TECH CL 1B Compressor features a gain-reduction element, positioned immediately after the input transformer. It is controlled by the sidechain amplifier, which also contain the two time control circuits – one for fixed and one for variable Attack/Release. The two time-controllers can either be used separately or combined. This circuit contains semiconductor OP-amps for the entire control.

The gain-reduction element is followed by a tube-based push-pull amplifier with variable gain up to 30 dB. A dedicated Bus selector with three positions (Off, Bus 1, Bus 2) is used whenever you want to link several compressors together. Input and output transformers have a static-screen between the primary and secondary wirings. Both Input and Output are balanced as well as fully floating.

  • Unique low distortion gain-reduction element
  • All tube-based push-pull amplifier
  • Multiple interconnection of several compressors via two busses
  • VU-meter for monitoring input, compression and output
  • Continuously variable attack and release time
  • Gain Range (off to +30 dB)
  • Variable Threshold (off to -40 dBu)
  • Frequency response @ -3 dB: 5 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Low noise: < -75 dBu @30 dB gain
  • Clickless bypass relay



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